Age 3 – 4  years - Mini Juniors
Age 5 – 6 years - Juniors


An introduction to acting for younger children. These classes are aimed at building their confidence and nurture young talent. Children will be using role play, dressing up and theatre games to challenge and enhance their creative minds.


An introduction to singing for younger children. These classes will include fun vocal warm-up, microphone technique, singing in groups as well as preparing your child to have the confidence to sing solo. They will be introduced to a number of songs from Musical Theatre to Pop.

Age 7 – 9 years - Intermediates
Age 10+ years - Seniors

Acting & Performance Technique

The importance of clear speech cannot be over emphasised.  The voice is a vital tool for any actor and care will be taken within our classes to work on clarity, diction and voice production.  We use a number of different practises in the sessions working on voice projection, script work, monologues, improvisation, accents and dialects, camera and audition techniques. 

"Clear Communication and Confidence Are Skills For Life"

Singing & Voice Production

Ultimately we aim to achieve the vocal assurance and confidence required as a singer in today’s Pop and Musical Theatre profession. Pupils are taught to develop their voices to the fullest potential, striving to produce a thoroughly professional all round performance, again using a number of different practices in the sessions such as vocal warm-up, microphone and recording technique, song writing, solo, choral singing and harmonies.

Street Dance/Modern Jazz Dance Classes

Age 3 - 4 years - Mini Juniors
Age 5 - 6 years - Juniors
Age 7 - 9 years - Intermediates
Age 10+ - Advanced

Our Dance classes offer a combination of Jazz dance mixed with high energy street style routines, to the latest pop music

Work In Progress

Each pupil’s progress will be closely and carefully monitored.  Pupils will receive continued feed back on their progress and their strengths and weaknesses to ensure they are achieving the highest of their ability.  Friends and Family will be invited to “work in  progress” performances throughout the year.